We searched hard, we searched long, but we could not find any place where Indian brands could be collectively viewed. Simply put, we got bored of first finding the exact name of a brand, and THEN looking it up. So here is the simple solution, a forum where we give you what is happening on the independent Design scene.

THANK GOD FOR DES!GN brings entrepreneurs and their independent labels closer to the audience by offering reviews, updates, designer interactions and trend alerts.

In easier words,
A DESIGN DIRECTORY : A comprehensive list of Designers & Labels and their details.
DAILY BLOG POSTS : Covering all the latest developments in Design and brand reviews.
LARGE SCALE EXHIBITIONS : Collecting Designers in various cities of India and presenting their work to design enthusiasts.
PLUS, Events and Competitions organized all through the year helping brands bring their design ideology closer to you.

This is a voice for all designers who don’t have a Fashion week or 263 flagship stores, to promote their products and show it to the world. For us, anybody who creates something to sell is a Designer, for it is their vision and creativity that has led to the venture. So we cover all design entrepreneurs, from fashion to lifestyle, from cake decorators to customized services