DIY : Travel & Luggage

Summer Vacations are probably almost (or already) over for you… And if you were one of the lucky ones, then you probably ended up traveling to some new & exciting places, learning about new cultures and meeting people.

Now there is one experience that always remains the same, irrespective to where you go for your vacation – The Airport Diaries. While the aspect of killing time at airports, the (lack of) entertainment and all things sundry are often discussed, the one common experience is the sighs and wait at the luggage belt for your beloved better half (I only pack what I love!). Each traveler feels they are personally cursed with the worst luck at luggage belts – having to wait the longest. And then there are the odd times when you just cannot recognize your bag amongst all the black, blue and grey’s passing on the belt. People huff, turn, toss bags in vain hoping to find some sort of marking that is individualistic to their bag. With limited brand names, colors and shapes, the luggage brands aren’t really helping.

So here’s what today’s DIY is all about – Customizing your travel luggage ! You’ll find below some easy tricks & crafts to tweak your boring bag looks.




ImageAdding Floral prints & fabrics to your bag surfaces is a great idea to make them stand out. The cheerful prints will make your airport wait seem better and it definitely won’t get mixed up with anyone else. Important to buy sturdy fabric, so it can handle the wear-&-tear of traveling. A Beautiful Mess shows you the easiest way to make floral suitcases here.


ImageBe creative while selecting your print and patterns. You can customize your own luggage through the print and the area/patch you apply it on. Mix and match different fabrics if you want a brighter look. Another quick DIY fix can be to attach the fabric using velcro – that way you can keep changing the prints without too much effort. Find the Tutorial for the cute pink bag done by the AfricanAmericanFabrics blog here.


ImageFor your smaller bags & carry-on luggage, you can go for a more intricate patchwork pattern mixing different prints. We love this leather bag – such a simple but striking design, reminds me of Bunting & carnivals ! Find the Tutorial by HeyRebecka here.


ImageIncase just a small patchwork doesn’t satisfy you, go ahead and get yourself a massive DIY Tutorial by Sew Fearless that gives you the patterns for sewing these amazing mini suitcases. Love how detailed they are – more the piping to the corner patches !




ImageGet back to the old & most trusted craft supplies – your box of paints. Use acrylic, fabric or leather paints and come up with all kinds of crazy motifs. You can paint your name, objects, patterns and whatever your skill allows ! Make sure you protect your paint using clear varnish or top coats for longevity. Find out more details in the Stripes Tutorial (Left Pic) and Polkas Tutorial (Right Pic)


ImageIf you don’t trust your brush strokes, take the aid of Stencils to get the job done. You can buy readymade stencils from the art shops or just cut your own design in cardboard. Look up the Tutorial for handling stencil designs by VivaciouslyVintage for more pointers.




ImageLove this fantastic idea of creating smaller storage units for easier packing ! Using small pouches and quirky graphics, IamDorkas has truly come up with a winning idea for DIY lovers – It makes everything neater, organised & still fun. Imagine the surprise if security personnel at the airport decide to open your bag !


ImageCreating Compartments for your Vanity Case is also a great way of keeping things in place and ensuring you look good on-the-go. MrKate gives fantastic advice on their blog for executing this project.




ImageAdding a small handle cover is the easiest way of customizing luggage. With two easy stitches, you can use fabric to give a pop of color to your bags and even make them easy to spot at the luggage belts. Use solid colors or prints to create your handle – Little Birdie Secrets tells you how !


ImageLuggage Tags are the most common accessories for our travel bags (and usually the winning pointer while fighting for your luggage). With important information about you, they are integral to your bags. You can easily customize these tags and come up with some unconventional ideas. Etsy has lots of people showcasing excellent ideas for Luggage Tags – The above tags (left) and (right) are also from Etsy – the Mr. & Mrs. is particularly cute. Imagine creating and gifting that to a newlywed couple for their honeymoon !


ImageTo add a more personalized touch to your bags (and carry a sweet reminder of people home), you can create cute photo tags with your favorite memories to tack upon your luggage. Use sturdy cardboard and maybe laminate them for giving the photos longevity. Project Alicia gives a detailed tutorial for how to go about this.




ImageThis one is perhaps the most useful DIY tip for luggage that we found. While the others focus on looks, shows readers how to attach wheels to your regular duffel bag shapes and make them easier for carrying. This one is perfect if you foresee a trip with lots of walking and public transport – saves your shoulders the trouble of carrying so much weight, while still being the easy pick-me-up for uneven roads.



This one was just so out-of-the-box that we have to show it you. Not even sure if a person can still pack it with luggage, but damn that stereo looks good ! Apartment Therapy shows you how to make your own boombox using your suitcase. If a person does manage to get this to the airport, he’s surely going to have all eyes on him.



In case your last travel experience was so bad that you’ve sworn off it, or your poor bag can no longer deal with the pressures of your whirlwind tours – here are some ideas to recycle your bags into a pretty accessory for your home ! Find the Tutorials for the Sofa & Bar shown below here.


In case you are looking for more ideas for recycling your old bags, check out this blogpost by Top Dreamer which gives lots of great ideas.

And that sums up this DIY. Hope you managed to choose a good project for personalizing your bags ! Imagine the awe & admiration from other travelers at the luggage belt ! Haha !