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DESIGN MECCA SINCE : 12 October 2011

Indian design goes through a moody phase ever so often. While traditional aesthetics go towards lots of color, folk artistry and ethnic motifs, the modern house has sleek lines and gleaming metallics & glass with their high gloss effects. And then there’s a third kind – the old-world dreamers. If this rings a bell in your head, Sanctum is the place for you.

Sanctum is an eclectic lifestyle store based in Mumbai which specializes in a very special kind of ‘shabby chic’ . Barely two years into the business, it has already become the go-to place for all vintage lovers with an extensive collection of all things retro. The store is definitely run by some serious workaholics who don’t take a single day off ! They’re open on all days of the week from 11am to 8:30pm.

san-1The store itself is based on two levels with two very distinct themes on each floor. The lower level has a rugged wood & botanical inspiration, with whimsical settings. What makes Sanctum very different from other stores is their focus on creating cohesive spaces rather than segregating the store by product sections. So you’ll find little displays all around the store which assemble coordinating furniture, artworks and lifestyle products. This is a stroke of genius on their part, because vintage is a look that’s often loved a lot but hard to buy because people aren’t able to imagine how it will fit into their existing homes. By seeing coordinated products together, buyers can imagine how exactly it would look in their homes (and also get motivated to buy more than one product, just to match the area).

san-2The upper floor on the other hand is all about color, not the gaudy or loud kind – more reminiscent of a cool summer breeze and candy-pop colors. Apparel, accessories and home furnishings are stocked here – a special mention the color grid wall of stoles, love how the colors are played out.

san-6While downstairs focused more on the furniture owing to the wooden antique look, upstairs is a mix of all kinds of lifestyle products. In terms of look though, I love the downstairs more – I’m partial to seeing such a gorgeous array of industrial designs and neutral color schemes within India. Kudos to their selection of designers and products.

PRODUCTS : Signature Pieces, Accent Furniture, classic & old-world Home Accessories

Sanctum plays host to a wide array of products aiming to personalize your space amidst the clutter of your utility items. Starting from signature furniture pieces to classic & old-world home accessories, the store features many works by new and established designers. It was hard to pick our favorites, but it’s equally hard to feature every single product in this gorgeous store ! So here’s our personal picks.

san-3The lamps section is truly amazing – works of art, inspired by industrial design and workmanship. They’re perfect pieces of conversation having a slight edge to stand out and yet blending in perfectly with an artistic space.

san-4aA wide array of home furnishings are available at Sanctum, but don’t expect the usual stuff. Digital prints, bold motifs and signature pieces are the pick at this store. So prefer to pick your home ‘highlight’ items from here rather than the daily use. Special mention to the patchwork pieces – a true art delight.

san-5Another definitive section is dedicated to Kitchenware, with utensils and bar accessories with pop inspirations and bold colors to add a touch of joy to your boring cooking diaries. The focus on creating a happy home using all things vintage and relaxed is clearly translated into this section – you can find lots of stylized pieces with colored edges, vintage motifs and kitschy inspirations.

san-7Sanctum came as a gap between high-end lifestyle stores and the boring departmental stores. And to stand out, they have plenty of offerings ! Distressed & industrial furniture, cheerful and unusual home accessories, candles, mirrors, lamps, crockery and furnishings, clothing, stoles, jewelry, bath & body products and much more. So many product ranges – and despite it, the whole store seems to scream out the same philosophy of vintage & earnest living.

The next step is their E-Shop, which is in the process of being set-up. And hopefully leading up to more stores, more cities and more experiences. After all, why struggle towards a perfect life when there’s beauty in the raw edges ? You agree ?

CHECK YOUR WALLET :  Rs. 25/- to Rs. 60,000/-


Address : Vasant House, 19th Road, Khar West , Mumbai – 400052

Phone : +91 22 26495775/6

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NOTE : All images provided for this blog post were shot by Shawn Fernandes or provided by Sanctum.