Its Summer ! Though we no longer get our much needed 2 months of school vacations, why should that stop us from being in holiday mode in our minds ! For me, the vacations meant a lot of DIY projects – partly because they were my school (and the villain of vacations) holiday homework and partly because I did love my scissors and paper more than other activities. And what would the DIY be ? Some cute photo frames, an odd family album, friendship bands and little odd trinkets.

diy opening (Image by Mahshar Ghasemiyeh posted on Art & Design)

Cut to the present day 2013. My niece just looked at my visiting card and immediately declared an emergency – she needed her own cards ! Though it seemed so odd at first (I don’t even remember needing a card when I was in college!), I was provided with enough logic to start believing in this DIY. My niece has always aspired to be a designer (yes, those dreams run in the family) and she has her own phone number, email and facebook. So why not a card for her ?

The question was how to take it forward. I was hardly going to give a 15 year old a stack of 200 printed cards knowing how quickly this phase too shall pass. Adding that thought to my brainstorming for DIY blogging ideas, I came up with DIY visiting cards and I loved it ! No minimum order complication, no boring typography and something to keep her busy – it was perfect.

So I started looking around – here’s the best ideas I found online.


So perfect for a fun profession – little pieces of confetti are perfect accompaniments to a visiting card to give the client a better idea about your creative side. Lotus Events did them with a bang, you can find out more here.


Primp up your regular printed card with a little-stitch-here-and-a-little-stitch-there. This is fun and learning mixed together because each card can have a different embroidered line. You can find more details about this trick here.


A lovely idea for all people surrounded by fabrics in their workplaces. Just use the scrap fabric in your desk, fuse it together with your credentials and you have a card every client will remember you by ! The chameleon girls did a pretty good job with this.


This one I loved ! No boring flat surfaces, no worries about wallet pockets – just slide it onto your finger ! Upcycle your Life did this idea for a convention, and I love how you can come with different button and pattern combinations. This card definitely has one of the highest recall values.


I’m sure all the apparel designers end up with huge chunks of scrap cut off from their production pieces. How about taking that selvage and just stitching it over the card edge to make the card come alive ? The whole tutorial by Craftaholics Anonymous can be found here. Another variation I would have loved to see of this idea was if 2 pieces of selvage were stitched on the sides, sort of a frilled edges look – whatsay ?


If there’s paper, how can Origami be far behind. A simple folding technique by the Japanese, no scissors at all – and you can end up with a gorgeous flat shape visiting card for your clients. There’s a vast list of origami tutorials all over the internet, so whatever your profession may be, I’m sure a suitable shape will come along. This particular boat has rowed over from here.

origami shirtEven cuter are the tiny shirts done by Kenoshi, so perfectly folded and dramatic enough to create an automatic brand association. I wonder if I can get my nice to create different garment shapes and color them. Would really bring out the designer in her !


I think its wonderful how everyone is heading towards eco-consciousness. A simple piece of discarded cardboard or corrugated sheet can be stamped with your information and voila – the card is ready ! Inhabitat has more details about this wonderful idea here. The stamping reminds me of the ladyfinger & potato stamping we used to do as kids. Nostalgia.


The stationary stores are now as good as a candy store. Find lots of assorted colored tapes and mix them up to create patterned visiting cards. You can also add a personalized touch by converting them into tags (brilliant idea for any store’s visiting cards look) by either recycling old strings, audio tape string or even knotting yarn bands (similar to friendship bands). This particular piece came from here.


More on the above topic, you can just use all the cool tools you have lying around in your study drawers – the punchers, the tapes, string and papers and create a unique art piece. Mint has done a fanstastic job in assembling theirs – the right colors and patterns – very well done aesthetically. Find out more details here.


Bored of paper or too macho for the pretty-pretty ? Head to the beach or park, pick up some mean looking pebbles and stones and just paint over your details ! The stone will end up on everyone’s desk as their paperweight and you’ll never be forgotten. This one’s crisp but you can also paint some patterns onto the rocks if you have time. This particular rock idea can be found here.

recycle with flowerFLOWER POWER

I tried hard to find the tutorial for this one, but couldn’t. So I’m just going to guess on the face of it – use some nice printed construction paper and newspaper with riverts and pins. What different shapes can you think of ? I only got the one picture from here. Wish I could find more of this.

So this rounds up our favorite visiting cards going the handmade way. I think if you’re launching a new venture or need only limited cards (or maybe a few special ones for important clients), handmade is the way to go. It shows innovation, effort and creativity. No one can forget a well-made card, so if you’re looking for a summer DIY with a purpose, the visiting cards should be on top of your list !